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Unrecognized and unaddressed traumas culminate and make up  intergenerational trauma which leads to mental, emotional, and behavioral difficulties that families are grappling with or paralyzed with. Cognizant of this lack of education about mental health and generational circumstances and how these prevent the patients from obtaining overall wellness, our mental health professionals step in.

We provide consultation and counseling for children, parents, and families. We also provide hands-on training for clinical and non-clinical interns and professionals, clearing the obstacles along the way to success.

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Mental, emotional, and behavioral disturbances may have their roots in suppressed traumas. Allow us to help you recognize the cause and solutions.

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We are driven toward improving patients’ lives by addressing their traumas and providing solutions to the aftermaths that hindered them mentally, emotionally, behaviorally, and physically. We also aim to help professional and student practitioners pave their way to expertise and success.

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