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Who We Are

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Mission Statement

We are driven toward improving patients’ lives by addressing their traumas and providing solutions to the aftermaths that hindered them mentally, emotionally, behaviorally, and physically. We aim to help professional clinicians and student practitioners pave their way to expertise and success.

Vision Statement

We strive to be the most exemplary behavioral and mental health consultant, counselor, and trainer throughout the state via evidence-based practices and interventions.

Core Values

  • Adherence to professional and ethical standards of practice
  • Cultural competence in the service of a diverse client population
  • Recognition and treatment of root causes
  • Utilization of evidence-based interventions and practices
  • Continued education of our clinicians, clients, and community stakeholders
  • Program accountability, measurable outcomes, and quality assurance
  • Creative and experiential approaches that combine traditional modalities with contemporary intervention techniques in mental health and substance abuse treatment

Dr. Wanda Brown-Ramseur Ed.D.
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Professional Counselor-Supervisor
Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist -Supervisor
Certified Clinical Supervisor
National Certified Counselor
Clinical Certified Sex Offender Treatment Specialist
Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist
Author/Consultant/Trainer/ Private Entrepreneur

About the Founder

Dr. Wanda Brown-Ramseur, Ed. D. Psychology of Counseling, is a trauma and addiction professional in private practice. She has worked in a broad variety of human service disciplines with expertise in the addictive process and intergenerational unresolved trauma issues, especially focusing on the impacts of trauma affecting and paralyzing an individual’s emotional and mental disposition. When unaddressed and untreated, they can become intergenerational trauma, which, over time, are suppressed and potentially become an underlying factor for the patients’ negative behaviors.

Dr. Wanda Brown-Ramseur has lived in Washington DC and Austin, Texas and is now back in North Carolina.  She practices the four transdisciplinary sets of competencies to improve herself and other practitioners and interns along the way.

The Company’s History

STEPS TOWARD SUCCESS, PLLC started in 1999 by Dr. Wanda Brown-Ramseur while she was living in Austin, Texas. The business was then reconstructed on October 21, 2010 as Dr. Wanda Brown-Ramseur recognized the causes of a huge number of youths dropping out of school at age 16. In most cases, it is due to drug use and other hazardous decisions that led them to participate in criminal activities. To make the problem worse, these kids are referred to juvenile training schools but without protocol in place or clinical recommendations to address the family dysfunction.

This realization has led her to develop a creative and multifaceted approach to the problems based on the concept that effective therapeutic intervention entails “taking the work where the problem exists”. This treatment design is called an intensive in-home program. Since then, she started with families whose children need substance abuse education and whose parents may benefit the most from effective parenting skills training. These in-home counseling and education sessions that paved her way for an award of a contract allowing her to provide substance abuse and mental health counseling to the youth and families by the Travis County Juvenile Courts. With this huge success, she returned to North Carolina, securing contractual clinical supervision with residential level two and level three facilities, clinical addiction services for individuals, families, and groups.

What Makes Us Different

We provide appropriate educational learning experiences to students enrolled in the local universities and online colleges’ graduate education programs. We offer them a field site and supervision that goes beyond their classroom knowledge into a real-life application of their learnings with an actual client.

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