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featured book

This book is designed to provide straightforward, honest and accurate insight into how trauma manifests itself in many different forms throughout life’s journey from early childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Trauma and the circumstances that caused it are often well-kept secrets that reveal themselves in the various forms of mental health or substance abuse issues. People may seek counseling which helps them to close the chapters on their traumatic experiences but they must also develop new skills to replace the self-defeating habits and beliefs that holds them back from living their best life. The life experiences shared in this book will help you to understand just how trauma can impact a young life. In it I’m candidly sharing my story in the way of triggers and flashbacks. It is not uncommon to disassociate from a traumatic past. However, later in life as you began to grow and heal, that traumatic past can easily disrupt your present-day activities. The current day story represents my success and the victory that can be had despite the pain of the past. The flashbacks into the past are very real, honest and every word of it is true.